Belkin Wireless Router Connected, but the Internet is not working

It becomes even more frustrating when you have done all the setup and installation, it shows you are connected to your Belkin wireless router but the Internet is not working. You spend hours and hours waiting for it to work but nothing works at all. You have already done the Belkin router setup and installation. You have even done with the Belkin router login process, but it’s still not working. As time passes with the same situation, it becomes a headache. In this situation what will you do? No need to worry now, here we will discuss this problem and its solutions in a step by step procedure. Below are the steps to follow.

A step wise solution for Internet not working:

Step 1 : The first step to resolve your issue when your Belkin wireless router is connected, but the Internet is not working, is to reset your device. You need to unplug power cables from your devices and then wait for 30 seconds. Plug the power cables back to your modem and router respectively. Now, wait for the lights to light up of router and modem. After that, try to connect to the internet and then restart.

Step 2 : The next step includes updating your wireless drivers. For that, you need to go to the Device Manager. Right-click on the ‘Wi-Fi/Network driver’ and then click on the update. If it’s not working, then try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers.

Step 3 : For the next step, you can send the DNS server address. For that go to the control panel, then click on network and Internet. Next, click on the Network & Sharing Centre. Now, click on the connection you want to edit, and then click on properties. Now, select the protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then properties. After that, click on the radio button next to use the following DNS server address. Then, the DNS address should be or Now, click OK to close the control panel.

Now, reset your TCP/IP stack with the following steps :

• Click on Start, and then run and enter CMD.
• Type the command: > netsh int ip reset reset-> net Winsok reset
• Now, restart your computer.

Step 4 : The last step would be to reset your Belkin router. For that, use a paper pin to hold the reset button for a few seconds. After that, your all configurations will be set to the default.

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