How do I Reset a Belkin Router Setup with a Cable Modem?

The Belkin range of wireless routers is among the most affordable ones in the market. However, the price doesn’t define the performance of these routers.While being agile and fast, these routers can be your favorite choice for larger workplace requirements.

However, using any wireless router model from Belkin requires that you know how to setup your router correctly. Sometimes, despite knowing the steps and having setup your router already, there may be issues you can get distracted from. If you know the exact steps to resolve the issues, you can follow the same, however, if you don’t, you can simply go on to RESET your router.

Now, there are further two ways to RESET your router: Soft Reset and Hard Reset. Soft reset requires you to login to the router wizard through some online portal and credentials to access the same. Whereas, in hard reset you perform the same using manual methods.

For those who know how to perform the operations, resolving issues is easy. But, for those looking for information on the same, we have accumulated the below information.

If you discover issues setting up or updating the firmware version of your Belkin router setup, you may need to reset the device. Other instances, when you can follow the same routine of resetting the router is when you forget the router password or you are not able to access the router login page. This will also reset the router settings.

Soft Reset

  • Login to the router interface using the default gateway IP. Try to sign in by entering the username and the password. You can also use the default username and password details.
  • Visit the Advanced Settings tab and choose administration. Select the Restore/ Save/ Upload setting on the web interface. You’ll now see the Restore option right next to the Factory Default option.
  • Click on OK and the soft reset is now complete.

Hard Reset

Locate a pinhole at the rear end of your router device. Use a thin object like a pin or paperclip to press the reset button for about 30 seconds.

Wait until the lights on the router panel start to blink repeatedly. The router will restart, signaling the reset option to complete. This is an indication that the router is now going to reboot. Once it does, you can follow the same procedure discussed earlier to configure the router credentials.

The final word

If you face any issues with using your Belkin router, you can follow the above steps to RESET it and get back to using it normally.

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