Why my Belkin router regularly drops internet connection ?

Most of the users face internet connection issues with their Belkin wireless routers. It is a very frustrating moment when a router loses internet connection, especially when you are doing something important on your wireless device. You can face this issue either due to hardware failure or internal software problems. In this article, we will guide you on how to fix the Belkin router internet connection problems.  

Belkin router provides enhanced wireless performance so that you can stream HD videos, online movies, and play online games lag-free. You would be able to connect your wireless devices to its network once you complete the Belkin router setup process.

Sometimes you may face trouble in connecting your wireless devices to the router. One of the most common reasons for the issue lost connections or poor loading times.

Here are the top reasons for ‘why does your Belkin router lose internet connection for hours’ and these include:

Incompatible Wireless Settings

As we know, all routers from Belkin come with the default settings. So, it is advised to change the default wireless settings of the Belkin router so that they don’t cause conflict with other routers within your network range.

Try changing the SSID name and password of the router and enable the Wi-Fi security. Use the WPA and WPA2 as your default wireless security encryption standard.

Placement of the Router

A bad placement can affect the performance of your router’s network. Make sure to place the router and your wireless devices at an ideal location or away from any physical obstacles. Try placing the devices at a central location of your home.

Frequency Interference

If more than two devices are using the same frequency within your network range then it can cause wireless interference. To resolve this issue, try to change the wireless settings of your Belkin device.

Corrupted or Outdated Firmware

A corrupted firmware is the most common reason for an intermittent connection. Make sure your Belkin firmware is upgraded to the latest version.

Here are some tips to fix the Belkin Router intermittent connection Problem :

Replace the Faulty Cables

Look for any faulty or lose power as well as Ethernet cables and try to replace the damaged cables.

Upgrade the Belkin Router Firmware

Make sure to update the firmware of the Belkin device to the most advanced version. Access the Belkin router login page and then open the router’s settings to update its firmware.

Change the Router’s Channel

Most of the devices are operated on the same frequency which can cause interference. You should change the channel of your Belkin device to 1 or 11.

Contact your ISP

If the above steps don’t work for you then contact your ISP and ask them to resolve the Belkin issues.

Belkin Router Reset Still, the problem not resolved yet, try to reset the router to the default settings. To know how to reset the Belkin wireless router, contact us now.

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